Hi there!

We have a genuine passion for making music for all people to enjoy. Try to stick to basic rock. Big guitars, gritty vocals, running bass lines and of course big solos! We\'ve been a band since 2012 and are taking our debut self titled album on the road.

Dom- vocals/rhythm guitar
Chris- bass
Nick- lead guitar
Joe- Drums

Didn't want to start off with a big ol' book to torture your eyes, but here's the long version:

The roots of Breaker truly go back to 2004, when Dom and Joe began playing in bands together. Nothing really stuck over the years, and the two continued their friendship while pursuing other musical and educational interests. In the waning months of 2011 Dom and Joe found themselves in a position to start anew, with a lot more experience under their belts. Knowing he was close at hand, they invited Nick to jam on lead guitar with them. Quickly they saw what someone with a BA in Music and Guitar can do to kick it up a notch. Nick’s Eric Johnson and J-rock influence meshed perfectly with Joe’s hard rock technicality and Dom’s chaotic-yet melody-driven songs. Together, they generated a world that harkened back to a time when the music scene included names like “Daltrey” and “Jagger.”

In search for someone to hold down a bass-line, Dom called upon his old co-worker, Chris, with whom he had played only a few open mics. Bringing his progressive musical influences and Theatre/Music college education to the fold, Chris helped create something unique. With the lineup completed, they started practicing.

Each practice brought a new level of innovation – it was like watching a lump of hot metal slowly forming it into a perfect weapon, filling their arsenal with songs to unload on an unsuspecting audience. Their first show, in the South Side of Pittsburgh, was a Battle of the Bands. Among the lineup of show-hardened metal core showmen and scream-wielding punks, they clawed their way to second place on their first effort at a live show. Since then, they have been grinding week in and week out to produce a list of songs worthy of first place. Now it’s time for them to show their work– they’re ready to take those songs on the road.