This song was recorded in the winter of 2002 in glassport Pa. The band that recorded this song is no more we have been broken up for years now, but this song was known in the underground metal scene of pittsburgh. I know because I saw it with my own eyes. This band was originally called HeadCase which is why the mp3 has the contributing artist of HeadCase on it. For years we tried to make the pgh metal scene more but in the end we like so many bands couldn't last in the state it was in. We recorded this song in 2002 and it changed us overnight. Our popularity was known so fast in the underground and for years we played our hearts out in front of any who would support pgh metal. I am sending you this song because this song was so well known by our fans and I want to give them this chance to hear it again. We like so many pgh metal bands of that era tried our hardest to make this scene so much more but as each club closed up in this city we watched as so many disbanded or abandoned the cause. I watched as so many bands from boston, ny, la, and chicago just go so far and I played with so many of those national acts that went to stardom.

Why do I speak of this? because metal didnt deserve this, it deserved a real chance but without support from the local scene everything from the fans, to the clubs, to the promotion, to the radio stations that exist. Metal must have its support the same. We are split up but this song was the best we ever did and I never forgot seeing those kids sing it back at me and know every lyric. I hope if you listen and hear what was happening back then that you can see how things couldve been dif. We were one of many bands who was pushing it so hard in so many directions but with no support it will never go anywhere. I thank you for your time and i hope you go and see for yourself what so many are fighting to try and carry on. We wanted to put pgh on the map but every label we spoke to already didnt care because we were from pgh. Metal deserves better support, no matter how small it is. push it or you wont have it. To the fans who remember us we loved it all. We were proud to be apart of the movement in pgh during that time of 2002 - 2004 i miss it still to this day and thank you all for coming to see us and all local metal play. Without your support it cannot continue. There is great metal in pgh i hope you finally begin to see it for yourselves this time.