As the great Jack Lambert once said, " Thunder Vest? Who the heck is Thunder Vest? Now get out of my bathroom!!"

This Pittsburgh quintet is the thorn in the side of power chord pageantry and tired rock star posturing. Thunder Vest is three (sometimes two) chord street punk with big anthemic chorus. If the Dwarves and the Turks had a son, and that son ate Elvis Costello, he would be a Thunder Vest fan. They prophetize to their minions on cramped dive bar stages and when they are not playing, they hang out on seedy dive bar stools.

Five drinking buddies who got tired of the mundane music around them and decided to make something better. Neil (guitar), Steve (guitar), Phil (bass), Kevy (drums) and Scotty (vox) want to meet you, and if you've got some cash, they would love a beer or eight.