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It turns out System of a Down's Shavo Odadjian is just as upset about the band's lack of new music as the fans.  In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, the bassist accuses frontman Serj Tankian of holding the rest of the band back. 

Shavo says he's "furious" the singer is preventing them from putting out a new System of a Down album, and even asks fans if they'd rather see Serj replaced by someone who is "just as good if not better." 

However, a later statement on System of a Down's official Facebook page says Shavo's comments don't reflect the sentiments of the band as a whole.  And while they admit there is still no timetable for a new album, they explain that the only way to be true to the band and their fans is to make their next record with all four original members. 

"Earlier today, Shavo posted a few statements on his personal Facebook page that do not reflect the sentiments of System Of A Down as a collective band. These were misleading statements that were made during a temporary state of bad judgment on his part alone. To be clear, the full band lineup of Serj, Daron, Shavo and John will be performing all scheduled tour dates. With respect to new SOAD music, although we have not agreed on a timetable for a new album, we all believe that having the four of us do it together is the way to be true to the band and our fans."

System of a Down's last album, the double-disc "Mezmerize/Hypnotize," was released in 2005.  Tankian, meanwhile, has put out four solo albums since 2007 and is expected to release another later this year. 

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