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During last night’s Pirates-Cards matchup I asked people on twitter to give me their Pirates MVP ballot, listing their top five candidates. The top three seemed pretty obvious, but I was curious where people would list Josh Harrison and Russ Martin. It seemed (and still seems) to me that Andrew McCutchen is clearly the team’s MVP. But not everyone defines MVP the same way. If Most Valuable doesn’t mean “Best”, I guess it’s possible to make a case for one of the other two guys.

Here is how the 60 votes broke down:

  #CutchHappens #JHay #ReSignRuss
1st 34 19 7
2nd 15 22.5 22.5
3rd 9 16.5 28.5
Other 2 2 2

I was surprised how many people thought someone other than Cutch was the MVP, but generally I thought the twitterverse got this one right. Obviously if the voter were for the player who has most exceeded expectations, JHay would probably be a unanimous choice. As for 4th and 5th there was a mixed bag of Walker, Volquez, Melancon, Watson, Marte and Mercer with no one really standing out. Liriano and Cole were nowhere to be found. If the Bucs are going to make the playoffs those two need to make their presence felt in a big way over the last month