I make my official 2013 season prediction at 4pm, but here’s a preview:


Yeah, I know. The starters didn’t play last night. You’re right. They didn’t.

This isn’t about who plays. It’s about the way the Steelers play. It’s antiquated and outdated. Look at the contrast last night.

Carolina ran right by the Steelers. Ted Ginn Jr. went DEEP.

When the Steelers got in the red zone late in the first half, they settled for a field goal. You could see the wheels turn: “Let’s make sure we get three.”

It was the most meaningless of exhibition games. Landry Jones was at quarterback. There was absolutely zero to lose.

But the Steelers didn’t even throw into the end zone. They played it safe.

The Steelers play with zero daring and imagination. They play with fear. The Steelers don’t think it’s fear. But it is.

“Let’s get three. Let’s make sure we get three.”

This isn’t the era to do that. The Steelers don’t have the defense to do that.

But, hey: No big deal. It’s only exhibition. Wait ‘til the regular season.

Wait ‘til Sept. 16 at Cincinnati. That’s when the real problems start.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.