Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini during yesterday's Uruguay-Italy game at the World Cup. Or perhaps Chiellini drove his shoulder into Suarez's face. That's Suarez's story, and he should stick to it.

Suarez is arguably football's best player. He scored 31 goals in 33 English Premier League matches for Liverpool FC last season. Thirty-one goals tied a league record for a 38-game season.

I'm a Liverpool fan. I don't care that Suarez bit Chiellini. Nor do I care that he's bitten foes three times.

Suarez should be punished. He will be. But he didn't knock out his wife in a casino. Or commit sexual assault. Or murder anybody. When it comes to athletes behaving badly, what Suarez did is bizarre, but way down the list.

Suarez's biting mechanism is odd. But doctors managed to save Chiellini's arm.

Liverpool FC and its supporters should close ranks, not point fingers. It was amusing when ex-Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler (120 goals for LFC) spoke of the embarrassment Suarez has caused the club.

Fowler was suspended twice in 1999: Once for pretending to snort the goal line after scoring, once for seductively shaking his backside in front of an opponent who was rumored to be gay. Fowler is no one to judge disrepute.

Suarez is rumored to be a transfer target for Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. It remains to be seen how his latest transgression affects that.

I hope Suarez continues to play for Liverpool FC. I hope he conquers whatever demons plague him. Mostly, I hope Suarez just keeps scoring goals. There's nothing I enjoy more than watching Suarez play football.

Suarez is obviously a bit crazy. But that's part of what drives him.

No excuses. What Suarez did can't be defended. Punish him and move on. Suarez is going to play football somewhere. It might as well be for LFC. The game will never flow through him anywhere else like it does at Liverpool.

That said, this is really funny: