Here’s a great headline in today’s Tribune-Review: HALEY ENHANCES OFFENSE IN YEAR 2. That’s nice.

But what the heck happened in Year 1? Was Year 1 just a throwaway?

Why was yesterday Todd Haley’s first media availability since the end of last season? Why is the Steelers' offensive coordinator less reachable than the Pope?

Haley says he wants his marquee players to have input.

But the Steelers only have one marquee player on offense. That’s the quarterback. Why didn’t Ben Roethlisberger have input last year?

Here’s a quote from Ben: “When Todd came in, it was the exact same play that we had the past couple of years, but it was called something completely different.”

Why? Why would you coach confusion?

If it was the exact same play, what was the point of changing coordinators?

You know how you can tell a Steelers coach is full of crap? It coincides with his lips moving.

How many games would the Steelers win without Roethlisberger? Same roster, but no Ben? Vote, please, in the poll at left.

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