Mean Joe Greene's No. 75 is being retired by the Steelers.

Officially, that is.

No Steeler has worn No. 75 since Greene retired in 1982. No surprise there. Who would have the guts to wear Mean Joe Greene's number? What if he found out?

I hate when teams retire numbers. They usually retire too many. The standard dips far too low.

But, previously, the Steelers only retired Ernie Stautner's No. 70. MISTAKE. Great player. Pro Football Hall of Fame. But who did Stautner ever beat?

If you're going to retire any number from the Super Steelers of the '70s, it should be Greene's No. 75.

The fourth pick overall in the 1969 NFL draft, Greene was the beginning. Greene was the catalyst. No player is more important to Steelers history than Greene.

Terry Bradshaw, too. Retire No. 12 next, and stop there.

Congratulations to Mean Joe Greene, who is truly one of a kind.

You could triple-team Greene, and he'd find a way to punch all three guys in the groin. Or kick. He really was MEAN.

Trivia: Greene wore No. 72 as a rookie before switching to No. 75.

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