America loves hot female sportscasters. Hey, what’s not to love?

But they often get a bit precious.

Witness ESPN’s Samantha Ponder, who, in the aftermath of the Ray Rice incident, tweeted this: “Blogs/websites that constantly disrespect women and objectify their bodies, then take a strong stand on the Ray Rice issue, really confuse me.”

Fair enough. Decent point. But Ponder’s ability to be objectified is a big reason she has her job. She’s not exactly Robin Roberts.

Ponder is also one of the vast majority of female sportscasters – everybody but ESPN’s Michelle Beadle – to not “take a strong stand on the Ray Rice issue.” That really confuses me. Where are the domestic abuse groups? Why so quiet?

Fox Sports’ Charissa Thompson put things in perspective recently when she tweeted a photo of herself lounging horizontally in a bikini. Her Instagram featured several more similar shots, including one focusing on her sand-encrusted butt.

We’ve got to stop objectifying these women. Despite what they want.