Saturday was Hockey Day in Canada.
It was celebrated all too appropriately in Vancouver.
Two of hockey’s biggest idiots conspired to stage a travesty that made the sport a laughingstock. Calgary GM Brian Burke wants his Flames to be tougher, so Burke’s puppet coach, Bob Hartley, started his thugs. Vancouver Coach John Tortorella, one of few that can rival Burke as an ass clown, did likewise.
The result: A 5-on-5 brawl two seconds into the game. Eight players got ejected. It was an embarrassing spectacle, one that dominated the media for day.
But why stop there? Tortorella attempted to invade Calgary’s dressing room between periods, but was rebuffed. That video made SportsCenter, too.
Hockey will always have its hardcore fans. But shenanigans like Saturday’s repulse casual observers. That’s why hockey ranks sixth among the four major sports. That's why the game's growth has a ceiling.