Milwaukee’s Carlos Gomez hit a home run. Almost.

Gomez stood at home plate, admiring his shot to deep center field…but the ball hit the fence and Gomez ran out a triple.

Pirates P Gerrit Cole chirped Gomez. Punches ensued.

Gomez, you see, violated…“the code.” He watched the ball.

What a crock.

Who the F is Cole to determine a violation of “the code”? Cole has been in the big leagues for about 15 minutes.

Cole gets no points for bravery, either. Cole beaked Gomez, then retreated behind a wall of Pirates. Russell Martin and Travis Snider fought Cole’s battle for him. Snider tried to apply an ankle lock. It’s true. It’s damn true.

Cole should have beaked CF Andrew McCutchen. That ball should have been caught.

Will the brawl galvanize the Pirates?

Sure – if they get better performances from the rotation, from the bullpen, from 1B, from RF and from SS. Despite all the excitement, Ike Davis ain’t exactly Lou Gehrig. Jason Grilli has already blown three saves. Wandy Rodriguez is throwing batting practice. Pedro Alvarez needs to hit higher than .174.

The fight became the big story.

The real story was the Pirates wasting a second-straight ninth-inning lead.

Starting 8-11 is no big deal. But the Pirates don’t have much margin for error. Hurdle should remember that when he decides what to do about Grilli.