The Steelers host Buffalo tomorrow night at Heinz Field. It’s the Steelers’ second exhibition game, and I would like to see four things:

1.      I’d like to see Ryan Shazier play. A little. Witness what the fuss is about.

2.      I’d like to see the Bills not get a 73-yard touchdown against the Steelers’ first-team defense. Or a big play of any length.

3.      I’d like to see the Steelers’ offense score a TD after getting inside the red zone. Just so we know it can.

4.      I’d like to see the Steelers win. Enough already with the preseason losing.

Four-for-four would be lovely.

One slight dilemma in the preseason: Should the Steelers play Troy Polamalu?

Polamalu had a terrific injury-free season last year. Polamalu won’t have to play de facto linebacker now, so he should be even better. There’s really no good reason for Polamalu to play at all in the exhibitions.

But I’d like to see Polamalu establish rapport with his new partner at safety, Mike Mitchell. Can that happen if they don’t play together in preseason games?

It’s most important that Polamalu stay healthy. When Polamalu is 100 percent, or near, he’s still the best safety in the NFL.

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