If you’re among those who believe Peyton Manning is among the very best quarterbacks ever…I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS.

If Manning had won last night’s Super Bowl, it could have very legitimately been argued that he's No. 1 of all-time. Instead, he’s back in the pack.

Great career numbers. Some incredible individual seasons, including this one. Five NFL MVPs. But he has eight playoff one-and-dones. He’s 1-2 in Super Bowls. And last night's implosion will not soon be forgotten. Manning should have dueted with Anthony Kiedis when the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed “Give It Away” at halftime. Manning was rattled from the get-go and kept making big mistakes.

Seattle has a great defense. Manning was often under pressure. That’s no excuse. At least, it’s not a good excuse. All-time greats find a way. Manning didn’t.

After the game, Manning took exception when a reporter asked if his performance was embarrassing. Too bad. Manning's performance was embarrassing.

A Super Bowl is only one game. But it’s the most important game. Manning’s collapse last night must be at the forefront when discussing his legacy.

Deep philosophical question: Whose career is best, Manning’s or Terry Bradshaw’s? Manning has all the numbers but just one championship; Bradshaw has four rings, two Super Bowl MVPs and a reputation as a clutch QB. Vote, please, in the poll at left.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images