What’s going on with JEFF LOCKE?

Locke made the All-Star Game. He was dominant through July’s end.


Locke, 25, has started four times in August, going 0-1 with a 7.50 ERA.

Yesterday’s outing at San Francisco was anything but encouraging.

Locke pitched four innings: Five hits, four walks, three earned runs. Locke batted in the top of the fifth, but didn’t pitch in the bottom of that inning.

What happened? If Locke was coming out, why didn’t Manager Clint Hurdle use a pinch-hitter? The Pirates led, 10-3. Why didn’t Locke pitch one more inning so he could qualify for the win? WEIRD.

Locke threw 73 pitches. Lots of creampuffs. He looked fatigued.

Is Locke done? Has he hit a wall, like so many young pitchers do?

The comeback of Wandy Rodriguez has hit a snag. Locke looks beat. Gerrit Cole is stumbling.

Are the Pirates running out of starting pitchers?

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.