...to break the spell? Straight to the top! TOOTH AND NAIL!

THE REB BEACH PROJECT touched down at Jergel's in Warrendale last night, and the result was incendiary. Among the events:

*DONNIE IRIS guest-bartending in the cigar lounge.

*Lovely supermodel BILLIE JO POWERS was in attendance.

*A creepy, bald, 60-something man boldly felt up a red-hot 20-something woman on the dance floor while the band, ironically, played Winger's "Seventeen."

*Reb dropped the night's paycheck on the bathroom floor. Luckily, it was found and returned. This is why David Coverdale never lets Reb handle the money.

But mostly, it was tremendous rock 'n roll courtesy of the best musicians in Pittsburgh, namely drummer Dave Throckmorton, bassist Tommy Bellin, vocalist Jon Belan and incomparable guitarist REB BEACH of Whitesnake, Winger, Dokken, etc. No video is available, so here's Dokken doing "Tooth and Nail," one of last night's selections.