When it comes to celebration, how much is too much?

Quite reasonably, Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin wants no possibility of injury. Emmanuel Sanders did a flip into the end zone to celebrate his touchdown this past Sunday against the New York Jets. Le'Veon Bell did the same when he broke the plane vs. Minnesota in week 4.

Levi Brown couldn't even make it through his first warm-up as a Steeler. Brown is out for the year. Minimizing risk seems intelligent.

What Sanders and Bell did was ill-advised. Antonio Brown celebrating routine first downs like V-J day goes right past ill-advised to silly.

Merely handing the ball to the ref after scoring seems disingenuous, though. A subtle, different "look at me" – but a "look at me" all the same.

Perhaps the best thing to do is score a lot. Then, you can do whatever you want.

Terrell Owens acted like an ass after just about every touchdown. Posing on the Dallas star, yanking out a Sharpie to sign the ball, grabbing a cheerleader's pompoms – some of it was funny, some of it was stupid, some of it was insulting, and it was all gratuitous.

But Owens scored 153 receiving touchdowns. Third-most in NFL history.

Sanders has six career touchdowns, Brown nine. Brown's total does not include the touchdown he dropped against the Jets.

Juxtapose those meager stats with the fact that, despite the best efforts of the "Young Money Brothers," the Steelers are somehow 1-4.

Freedom of artistic impression duly noted, I'd feel better about whatever Broadway production Sanders and Brown next chose to choreograph if the Steelers weren’t buried in last place in the AFC North.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images