Ex-Steeler LB James Harrison may sign with Cincinnati. Said Bengals DE Carlos Dunlap, "He hates the Steelers now. That's somebody we need on our side of the football."

Why would James Harrison possibly hate the Steelers?

The Steelers gave Harrison a chance when no one else would. The Steelers paid Harrison tens of millions of dollars. The Steelers provided Harrison the perfect forum to excel. The Steelers offered Harrison more to stay than he will get to play elsewhere.

The Steelers did nothing but right by Harrison.

And now he hates them? He wants revenge on the franchise that made him?

Not surprising. Harrison is small-time. Small-time hometown, small-time school, small-time agent. He's been a bully his whole life. He's indulged unreasonable anger his whole life. He's a domestic abuser. Harrison won't change now. Or ever.

Harrison should say "thank you" to the Steelers. Instead, he's saying "**** you." Begging AFC North teams for a job so he can play the Steelers defines the word PATHETIC.

Harrison has long been revered by Pittsburgh. Will that change? Will his animosity toward the Steelers earn the animosity of Yinzer Nation? Vote, please, in the poll at left.

The Steelers made the right move cutting Harrison. You tolerate a boor like Harrison when he's productive. Now that he's washed up, there's no need.

UPDATE: Harrison's negotiations with the Bengals have hit a snag. Cincinnati management is apparently unsure Harrison can transition to playing in a 4-3. There's always barber college.

Photo courtesy of GettyImages.