The peak of cinema as we know it hits theatres this year in the form of SPRING BREAKERS.

The R-rated comedy features barely-legal queen SELENA GOMEZ and former barely-legal queen VANESSA HUDGENS. A gossip item says Gomez and Hudgens did Ecstasy together at a club recently, and Selena left her panties on the table. HOT.

Four girls (from L-R: Ashley Benson, Gomez, Hudgens and Rachel Korine) rob a fast-food joint to get money for spring break. Hilarity ensues. Bad situation gets worse. More important, the girls are in bikinis throughout. As you can see, some bigger boobs were recruited to balance out Selena's bee stings. Inspired casting. Top THAT, Scorsese!

"Lincoln" just depressed me. He got shot at the end. SPRING BREAKERS = fun and frisky!

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