The Pittsburgh Passion women's football team plays a game at Highmark Stadium before the Riverhounds soccer team does. So, even though it's a "soccer stadium," we can clearly see who's the butch, and who's the bitch.

Krystal Cozzo of the Passion addressed me by a homophobic slur (the other F bomb) on Twitter. Team owner Teresa Conn justified using said invective in an email to a protesting listener. Dejan Kovacevic of the Trib did a blog about it.

The Passion never apologized. Cozzo never apologized. No gay groups protested. And you know Cozzo is still going to be on the team.

It's not what you say, it's who you say it about. You can insult the fat shock jock as you please, and no one's going to take up the cause.

Or maybe lack of reaction show how insignificant women's football is. Girls don't play Pop Warner. They don't play high school or college football. There's no pro league for women (unless you count lingerie football).

Women don't learn to play football like men do. They take it up as a HOBBY, and the general public is supposed to care. Nobody does, and nobody should.

Tennis, hockey, soccer and basketball are legit women's sports with legit developmental programs that have produced great athletes. All the Passion is going to do is F up Highmark Stadium's field with football lines.

The Passion's home opener is April 6. When the Riverhounds play their sold-out home opener April 13, what should be Pittsburgh's soccer cathedral will be marked up with football lines. Might as well have stayed at Chartiers Valley High School.

Free Meal Franco is part-owner of the Passion. They're a joke. He's a joke. Women's football is a joke. Maybe the Joe Paterno cutout can stand on the sidelines.

I can't believe the Passion and that horrible woman never apologized for calling me a f*****. Things are going to change now that William Gay is back in town.