Adam Wainwright tossed grapefruits to Derek Jeter to start the All-Star Game. Grooved pitches. Wainwright admitted it. Heck, he bragged about it.

But the best Jeter could do is double. What a has-been.

Luckily, it’s only the MLB All-Star Game. Nobody takes it seriously.

As noted, Jeter’s name was mentioned 100 times during the All-Star Game telecast. If he played for San Diego, no one would give a crap about Jeter, or about this being his last season.

There’s proof. Tony Gwynn was an eight-time batting champ. Gwynn died recently. His name wasn’t mentioned once during the telecast. No tribute. Gwynn played for the Padres.

If Jeter played in a lesser media market, he’d be considered very good. But the national media takes a Yankee and adds that extra layer of gloss.

Jeter was never MVP. Jeter never won a batting title. Jeter has 3,408 hits. But longevity helped, and he’s mostly a singles guy. Jeter won five Gold Gloves, but he’s no Ozzie Smith.

Nomar Garciaparra won two batting titles. His career batting average is .313. Jeter’s is .311. But not many would say Garciaparra is in the same class as Jeter. Garciaparra wasn’t a Yankee.

Joe Mauer has won three batting titles. His career batting average is .320. But he’s not a Yankee.

They couldn’t even say Gwynn’s name on TV last night. Gwynn wasn’t a Yankee.

You can be really, really good and still be overrated. That’s Derek Jeter.

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