The events in Boston put things in perspective.

Maybe too much perspective.

I don't believe sports are that important. Working in the sports business for a quarter-century shaped that opinion. Sports are a diversion. Nothing more.

When you think of the Boston bombings, policemen getting shot, and what might still happen, does the NFL draft really matter?

But we're scared to think about the human condition. We subjugate our existence in the name of sports, because we're scared to really address our own lives. What we do, or perhaps haven't done.

We can't count on ourselves, but we can count on the Steelers. That's why 8-8 traumatizes us.

Take a moment. Think about yourself. Where you've been. Where you're headed. I do it all the time. I consider the futility of being. Life is hard. Then you die.

Enjoy sports, but don't obsess.

Be devoted to your favorite team, but don't let the fortunes of people you don't know rule your emotions.

If I could boil my advice in these troubled times down to three words, those words would be INTENSITY, INTEGRITY AND INTELLIGENCE.

We don't need bastard children. We don't need promiscuity. We don't need kids having kids. What we need to do is emulate our Olympic heroes.

America wasn't built in the back seat of dad's car on a cool spring night. America wasn't built on the game-room sofa while the parents are out. America wasn't built in a deserted movie theater with the lights off and no one watching.

America was built on INTENSITY, INTEGRITY AND INTELLIGENCE. It's true.