James Franklin, the new football coach at Penn State, is under fire. He reportedly called the victim in the Vanderbilt football rape case to inquire after her well-being. Franklin was still Vanderbilt coach at the time.

I don’t see where that’s a big deal. What’s the harm? If Franklin was trying to suppress evidence, say that. But I see zero proof of that happening.

You can certainly argue that Penn State made the wrong hire. Once again, Penn State is linked with rape. The university just keeps stepping in excrement.

The NCAA should have shut down Penn State’s program for a significant period. Those involved haven’t learned. The culture hasn’t changed.

Franklin is a pimp. No doubt. He recruited hot girls to help him recruit football players. That makes him a pimp.

All college football coaches are pimps. For that reason, and many more.

Image Courtesy of Justin K. Aller / 2014 Getty Images.