Russell Martin told Dejan Kovacevic he wants to stay in Pittsburgh. He loves it here.

What a crock.

At least the Pirates are being honest about not keeping Martin. Martin is LYING. Martin has zero intention whatsoever of staying in Pittsburgh.

Martin is 31. In catcher years, that’s pretty old. Martin is a free agent after this season. It will be Martin’s last best chance to cash in.

Martin wants far more than the Pirates are willing to pay. You hear terms like $40 million over four years, but I bet it’s more and maybe longer. Martin will be the best catcher on the coming off-season’s market.

Martin won’t give the Pirates a hometown discount. NO WAY. He doesn’t want Pittsburgh money. He wants New York-type money. Los Angeles-type money. Big-market money. Even if Nutting loosened the purse strings, the Pirates would come up far short.

Martin is trying to babyface himself on the way out the door. Get that standing ovation when he comes back with the opposition. Cut down on having to talk about his impending exit as the current season winds down.

Martin isn’t evil. He’s smart. BUT DON’T BELIEVE ONE SINGLE WORD.

Let me tell you a story about a man named A.J. Burnett. Remember him?

Last year, Burnett told everybody that if he didn’t pitch for the Pirates in 2014, he would retire. PITTSBURGH OR BUST.

You rubes believed him, because he “really loved Pittsburgh.”

Of course, Burnett went to the highest bidder. Philadelphia, not Pittsburgh. He didn’t retire. It went exactly like I said it would.

Ninety percent of pro athletes are pure mercenaries. Maybe more. It’s not about winning. It’s not about the best fit. Those other factors figure in when the money is equal. Otherwise, they don’t matter at all. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Pittsburgh got disappointed by Burnett. But you never should have believed him in the first place.

Learn from your gullibility. Don’t believe Martin.

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