Today, on the Penguins’ Twitter feed, there was a photo of Chris Kunitz in the blue paint. Olli Maatta was trying to move him out.

That had to be photoshopped.

Penguins forwards don’t go to the net. Penguins defensemen don’t clear the crease.

The Penguins are soft. Sidney Crosby has been manhandled for two straight series, and his teammates and coach won’t do anything about it. The Rangers’ Marc Staal is using Crosby’s head for a piñata. Tanner Glass is no heavyweight, but he’s not one to stand idly by, either. He’s been a healthy scratch since Game 1.

What is Brian Gibbons going to do when Crosby gets abused? Skate real fast?

The Penguins went astray as an organization after the big brawl with the New York Islanders in 2011. Ever since, the Penguins have become softer and softer. No goons, very little sandpaper.

The Penguins set an example. The Penguins try to clean up hockey.

Problem is, hockey doesn’t want cleaned up.

By trying to set a noble standard, the Penguins have gone too far in the opposite direction from what a hockey team needs to be this time of year.

Frustration in that regard might be what’s wrong with Crosby. Check out my column at