When George Zimmerman was acquitted of any complicity in the death of Trayvon Martin, athletes flocked to Twitter to pretend that their opinion mattered.

It was actually kind of cute. Like a puppy barking in threatening fashion.

New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz predicted “the ‘hood” would kill Zimmerman within a year. Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White advised the jurors in the Zimmerman case to take their own lives.

Say what you like about Plaxico Burress’ intelligence, but he had the good sense to keep quiet about this. Didn’t shoot himself in the foot, so to speak.


The stupidity of Cruz and White was soon followed by hypocrisy: The formulaic athlete apology. They say they’re sorry because they have to. But they’re not sorry.

Just once, these imbeciles should let their stupidity not be compromised by team- or league-mandated cowardice and have the courage of their convictions, misguided as they may be. Same with Maurkice Pouncey. The Steelers center and his twin brother were photographed wearing hats that said “Free Hernandez.”

Wonder how they’d feel about someone wearing a “Free Zimmerman” hat?

Maurkice Pouncey apologized. But he’s not sorry. He just followed the formula.

No telling what the IQs of Cruz, White and the Pounceys are, but these men are clearly bereft of humility and common sense. It warms the heart knowing that, in all likelihood, they will be broke within two years of leaving football. Another popular formula.

I’m glad to see Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel add some racial balance to this moronic equation. Sports media types are falling all over each other making excuses for Manziel’s indiscretions. “He’s just a kid.” “We all made mistakes in college.” And then, of course, they start analyzing Manziel’s tools.

Forget the analysis: Manziel IS a tool. He’s a jackass. When he gets to the pros, money will enable him to be a bigger jackass.

It’s not a race thing. It’s not a cultural thing. It’s not a money thing.

It’s about entitlement and hero-worship creating bad people. It’s a football thing. The idolatry is just too much. Nitwits are incapable of handing it.

People beat the “free speech” drum on behalf of jerks like Cruz and White. But they’re not Thomas Paine, or even Howard Stern. We shouldn’t get mad about what Cruz and White say because it is totally inconsequential. Grist for the mill.

Does Cruz still live in “the ‘hood”? No. Does White have a friend or relative that committed suicide? I doubt it.

They’re just a couple of morons talking out of their ass, and out of their element.

That’s what Twitter is all about. At least Cruz and White chose the proper medium.