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Mark Madden


Posted October 28th, 2013 @ 9:40am

*Memo to Maurkice Pouncey: DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR.

*If Mike Tomlin had handled clock management on D-Day, we'd all be speaking German. Not sure it's possible to do worse in that department.

*Tomlin should hire Flavor Flav. He's all about clock management. (Courtesy @dveBillCrawford.)

*Tomlin isn't the only one mangling things when it comes to tick-tock. Ben Roethlisberger has to know to not call that timeout on the Steelers' penultimate possession. Antonio Brown inexplicably ran out of bounds late in the first half to give the Raiders a chance to get the ball back with decent time remaining.

*Ryan Clark was tackling the running back while Terrelle Pryor was romping 93 yards. Has Clark's career jumped the Shamarko?

*Pryor isn't a threat to do much, but he is a threat to do what he did on the game's first play from scrimmage. How can the Steelers' D allow that? The team's defensive philosophy begins and ends with: DON'T ALLOW BIG PLAYS. How can a Dick LeBeau defense be so unprepared and unfocused?

*Don't canonize Pryor for beating the Steelers. A) It's not that hard. B) Pryor made one big play and not many other plays. His effort was winning, but average.

*Too bad the Steelers got close enough that K Shaun Suisham can be made the scapegoat for his two FG misses. Mathematically, Suisham certainly deserves blame. But the Steelers' failure runs much deeper than a couple of missed kicks.

*Brown makes a lot of good plays. Yesterday, he didn't make enough. His two drops were killers. Brown also scurries OB like #FreeMealFranco.

*The Steelers' play-calling in the red zone has gone way past conservative all the way to chicken****. TAKE SHOTS AT THE END ZONE, FOR GOD'S SAKE.

*The Steelers' offensive linemen are dropping like flies. Sadly, the difference between the starters and backups is negligible. Ben goes down either way. The Steelers can't run the ball at all. That certainly contributed to allowing five sacks.

*Instead of having an offensive line, the Steelers should just opt for 5-Mississippi. (Courtesy of @dveBillCrawford.)

*Two touchdowns in one game: Is that a franchise record? Seems like it.

*The Steelers, down 21-3, took the second-half kickoff and embarked on a 66-yard drive that took 9:11 and produced NOTHING. Suisham missed a 32-yard FG. But let's play the what-if game: Say Suisham makes that kick. The Steelers are still down 21-9. True, eventually things would have added up. But if you're down 18 at halftime and keep the ball for most of the quarter, GET SEVEN POINTS.

*What's the no-show count going to be at Yinzer Stadium when the 2-6 Steelers stagger home to play Buffalo Nov. 10?

*Tomlin seemed livid after the game. But who was he mad at? It's not like player incompetence overwhelmed Tomlin's brilliant coaching. The Steelers are a bad team from the ground up: Players, coaches and upper management.

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