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But presently, I go off the beaten path to discuss Liverpool FC's LUIS SUAREZ.

The Uruguayan striker leads the English Premier League in goals. He also leads football in ill-advised malfeasance. In yesterday's match vs. Chelsea, Suarez gave away a penalty with a stupid handball, BIT THE ARM of opponent Branislav Ivanovic and netted the tying goal on the game's last tick.

Love him or hate him, that's Suarez in a nutshell.

I love him. Suarez will (and should) be disciplined for his bite. But the notion that Liverpool FC should marshal every bit of its storied nobility and dump Suarez is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. That's nobody's business but LFC management's.

Chelsea supporters want Suarez burned at the stake. But they'd take him.

Here's a deal for Chelsea fans: Ditch your serially adulterous, teammate's wife-banging, 9/11-mocking captain, and LFC will ditch Suarez. Compared to John Terry, Suarez deserves fitted for a halo.

Manchester United legend Roy Keane ended the career of Manchester City's Alf-Inge Haaland with an intentional high tackle that damaged Haaland's knee. Keane bragged about his misdeed in his autobiography. United's Eric Cantona kicked a heckling spectator in the chest.

None of these examples excuse Suarez, nor are they meant to.

But football has long been plagued by disturbing incidents. You get fined/suspended, then everyone moves on. It's not Liverpool FC's job to be football's moral compass. LFC needs Suarez' goals more than it needs to set an example.

Did the doctors save Ivanovic's arm? Or did the damage necessitate amputation? You'd think Suarez gnawed the limb off at the elbow.