NBC hockey analysts Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick enjoy dumping on Sidney Crosby. After Sunday's 5-4 overtime win vs. the New York Islanders, they accused Crosby of going down too easy when Brian Strait committed a holding penalty in OT.

Milbury and Roenick didn't use the word DIVE. But they might as well have.

I've defended Milbury and Roenick. If you talk about them, they've done their job.

But I'm going to backtrack on that.

IT DOESN'T MATTER if anyone talks about Milbury and Roenick when the concurrent result is that X amount of viewers think the NHL's best, most visible player is a FLOPPER and a CHEAT. The biggest gain to be made by the NHL and its broadcast partners is for viewers to think Crosby is God's gift to the game.

The latter sells. The word-drool spewed by Milbury and Roenick does not.

Milbury and Roenick aren't a pimple on hockey's ass compared to Crosby and what he does for the game.

So somebody in the NHL office, or NBC's office, should tell Milbury and Roenick to put a better spin on what Crosby does, or they're fired.

If they need a blueprint, consult how the NBA's broadcast partners treat LeBron James.