The Richard Sherman thing has come full circle.

Sherman and others are turning this into a racial issue. It's reverse race-baiting. Sherman did have an excellent line when he said, "There was a hockey game where they didn’t even play hockey. They just started fighting. I saw that and said, 'Oh, man, I'm the thug?' " Well played.

But if Sherman is as smart as his Stanford education suggests, he should shut up about this.

The notion that "thug" is the N-word in disguise is beyond absurd. I called white Shawn Thornton a thug. I called white Richie Incognito a thug. Why? Because I know what the word means. According to the Free Online Dictionary, a thug is "a cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum."

When Sherman went ballistic in his interview with Erin Andrews, he was wild-eyed, crazed and looked capable of violence.  He looked like a thug. Calling Sherman a thug based on that moment is not unreasonable.

Not every black man is a thug. The vast majority aren't. But a black man can be a thug. A white man can be a thug. It's not a racial description.

A Stanford grad can be a thug. A Harvard grad can be a thug.

Thornton is a thug. Incognito is a thug. John Tortorella is a thug. At that moment, Sherman was a thug.

The black man in America has a lot of legitimate grievances. This isn't one of them.

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