Marcus Gilbert collapsed after the run test Friday.

Left tackle is the most important position on the offensive line. Max Starks played there for the Steelers last year. He may have been the team’s best O-lineman. The Steelers let Starks walk to make way for Gilbert, a second-round pick in 2011.

Gilbert went down just a few minutes into training camp. Had to be carted off.

Not a good sign.

No word on why Gilbert buckled. He said his “body was cramping.” Out of shape, probably. Almost every lineman is out of shape to some degree. But even noted fatso Casey Hampton used to waddle his way through the run test.

Well, except in 2008. That was not considered a good sign, either.

Sound physical conditioning is the basis for Gilbert’s livelihood. What’s his excuse for being out of shape? Same as LaMarr Woodley’s excuse last year, probably.

Consider running back Jonathan Dwyer. Dwyer lost nearly 30 pounds in preparation for this year’s camp.

Congratulations. But Dwyer is 24. Why’d it take this long for him to get serious about his career?

Dwyer and Gilbert have nothing to fear from the local media. They don’t ask the hard questions.

Dwyer may have to answer to rookie RB Le’Veon Bell. But, barring grievous injury, Gilbert will start. Starks plays for San Diego now. Gilbert has LT on lockdown.

Advice to Gilbert: If you collapse once the games start, try to collapse in the path of an opponent.

                      Photo courtesy of Getty Images.