ScratchMoore ‏@ScratchMoore  5s

@MarkMaddenX Has there ever been a better WM match than Savage/Steamboat in WM3?

Steamboat-Savage at WrestleMania 3 was excellent, but my favorite WM match was the submission match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin at WM 13. It was physical and intense. Austin bled a gusher. They managed a double turn, with Austin going good and Hart going bad. Two masters of psychology. The image of Austin passing out while in Hart’s sharpshooter lingers even now.


Georgiana ‏@Loug30  1m

@MarkMaddenX what kind of role do you feel Austin will have, now that he's announced he will be there?

I don’t expect Austin will do much, and certainly nothing physical beyond maybe a stunner. Short promo, big pop, that’s it. It’s a one-off appearance, so it’s ill-advised to have Austin do anything meaningful.


B.J. Hall ‏@beejx_  1m

@MarkMaddenX What will be the biggest surprise of the show?

I will be surprised if the WWE Network’s servers don’t crash. No matter how much you prepare for that kind of volume, you’re not prepared for that kind of volume.


george pavlik ‏@georgeistheram  2m

@MarkMaddenX If Daniel Bryan does not win the title what will the New Orleans crowd do?

That’s why Bryan has to win the title. When Batista won the Royal Rumble and the crowd turned, the WWE Universe was visibly upset. That can spread. WWE hates to lose control. WrestleMania is supposed to provide conclusions and send the fans home happy. WWE has two choices: Give Bryan the belt and have a YES! moment that goes mainstream, maybe viral…or screw Bryan to no positive end. That shouldn’t be a hard call. Batista, Randy Orton and Triple H are so 10 years ago.


chuck cox ‏@ccox78  25s

@MarkMaddenX Out of all the matches at WM30 which one has the chance to "steal the show" ? I'm going with Wyatt vs Cena.

That’s my choice, too. Bray Wyatt is a fresh yet polished heel. He’s not cookie-cutter, and his character and psychology are intriguing. In the ring, Wyatt can go, and Cena always rises to the big-match occasion. Wyatt has made Cena seem sympathetic and vulnerable. That’s not always easy to do with the franchise babyface.


Tom Stubler ‏@KHstrike  13s

@MarkMaddenX Will Undertaker survive the more physical style match with Lesnar?

@SteelersNasty ‏@SteelersNasty  1m

@MarkMaddenX Win or lose, this has to be Taker's last WM, right? I hope... Looks old, tired and "mortal".

Undertaker won’t die. So, he will “survive.” But I’m curious to see what Lesnar and ‘Taker have worked out. ‘Taker won’t want Lesnar to tone it down, but Lesnar won’t want to put ‘Taker at risk. Nobody wants to see ‘Taker lose at ‘Mania. No good comes from ending the streak. But ‘Taker definitely doesn’t look the part anymore. I agree: This should be Undertaker’s last ‘Mania…and last match. But that's his call.


Steve Kochanowski ‏@sjkoch1984  2m

@MarkMaddenX In your opinion who would benefit most from winning the Andre battle royal #miz #dolph or someone else

The Andre battle royal doesn’t matter at all. It’s just a way to give full-time performers a ‘Mania match so they won’t bitch about being excluded.


C-Bouch-PO ‏@Ray_bouch  2m

@MarkMaddenX Do you think Punk will show up at Wrestlemania? #BestForBusiness

Punk won’t be there. WWE wouldn’t want to give Punk a WrestleMania payday after jumping a valid contract. Punk has been almost totally incommunicado since walking out on WWE in January. He won’t return anytime soon. Just about everybody comes back sooner or later. Punk might be the guy who doesn’t.