Michael Sam needs to put all his concentration into making the St. Louis Rams. He’s a seventh-round pick. He’s on the fringe.

Instead, Sam will star in a “reality” show. Produced by Oprah.


Sam is openly gay, and he got drafted. Terrific. He kissed his boyfriend when the pick was announced. Great. Was the kiss legit, or was it scripted to promote his “reality” show? More important, who’s the top? Suckas gots to know.

Is Sam a football player, or is he determined to be “the gay football player”? Will his energy go into making the Rams, or into serving the gay agenda?

I don’t care. At all.

But I bet the Rams do. Which opportunity matters most to Sam. 

Perhaps being “the gay football player” will serve Sam best. Perhaps it will buy him a life beyond the NFL. Seventh-round picks don’t often last long.