The Pirates were down 6-0 before coming to bat last night. But they rallied. Give them credit. The Pirates still had life.

They just don’t have enough good players.

The Pirates scored single runs in the second, third and fourth innings. Two solo homers by Starling Marte, one by Neil Walker.

They looked ready to legit get back in the game in the bottom of the sixth. Marte doubled, then went to third on Travis Snider’s double. Marte probably should have scored, but Atlanta CF Emilio Bonifacio nearly ran down Snider’s hit.

So, second and third. Nobody out. Brent Morel batting.

You can’t hide that guy.

Morel does not belong in MLB, and proved it with a weak, totally non-competitive at-bat that ended with a strikeout – one of three Ks by Morel en route to 0/4.

Ike Davis pinch-hit and lined into a DP. Inning over. Threat over. Game over.

Hurdle could have pinch-hit for Morel. But with who? Jayson Nix? Michael Martinez? Hurdle wound up pinch-hitting Davis and Gaby Sanchez before the night was over. It’s desperate when those are your top two threats off the bench.

When you’re in a playoff race, you need all hands on deck, especially when injuries dictate. But the Pirates have too many guys that shouldn’t be in the bigs.

To repeat: YOU CAN’T HIDE THAT GUY. That was proven last night.

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