So one of the Pets of the Week we had in a few months ago was Webster. He lost part of his nose after a fight with a raccoon  and he can't see very well.  But, this big guy is a total sweetheart, a gentle and friendly dog. He responds well to attention, and loves being petted.  He had been at the shelter for months, waiting for a home. That always breaks my heart, since we usually have decent success finding homes for our featured pets. We even had Webster at one of our food drives with Cricket, and this sweet dog just layed on the flood, letting everyone pet him. But still, no one adopted him.

Today I found out that after 6 months his original owners finally found him at the shelter! When he first went missing, they called the shelter looking for him, but Webster wasn't there yet. Then a family member saw him on the site, and the owners and Max (Webster's real name) were reunited at the shelter this past weekend. Webster was kept happy and healthy at the shelter by the staff and volunteers, and the owners hadn't given up on him.  

Here is the story on the Washington Humane Society's Facebook page