Nic Batum, some goof who plays for the Charlotte Hornets, guaranteed a home victory over Philadelphia last night.

So the ‘76ers T.J. McConnell went to Ric Flair country and scored 14 points while dishing seven dimes. Final score: Sixers 105, Hornets 99. Afterward, the Char Valley HS grad told Batum what’s what.

McConnell is having an amazing year.

He’s starting, playing big minutes, averaging 6.1 assists and functioning like a big-time NBA point guard. In less than two NBA seasons, he’s gone from borderline player to somebody who looks like he’s going to play 10 years in the league. McConnell is reportedly coveted by Cleveland and LeBron James.

Pretty fly for a white guy.

Better yet, the Sixers are surging toward long-sought respectability. After a 7-24 start, they have gone 14-10. That turnaround is a mirror of McConnell’s increased involvement. Joel Embiid can ball, and wait ‘til No. 1 overall draft pick Ben Simmons makes his debut after breaking his foot in September.

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