Limp Bizkit Almost Made Kerry King Quit Music

Limp Bizkit are not a good band. There I said it. If you want to argue the merits of Fred Durst or Limp Bizkit with us go ahead but just know that you are objectively wrong. 

A lot of people may feel the same way I do about Fred and the boys but riff master and tribal tattoo aficionado Kerry King of Slayer, hates the rap metal band in question so much it nearly drove him to give up on music. 

In a recent interview with uDiscover, King had this to say:

“I was really jaded for a while back in the late ’90s. I couldn’t understand why Limp Bizkit was big. It affected me – I didn’t want to play music. I thought, ‘If this is the way that music’s going, then [f**k] this, I hate it.’ That’s why Jeff Hanneman wrote so much of our 1998 album ‘Diabolus in Musica,’ which is too funky for me.”

Luckily, Kerry and Slayer weathered the late 90s metal wasteland and Limp Bizkit have mostly faded away. And even though Diabolus in Musica isn't a very good Slayer album, I'd listen to it on repeat for eternity over anything from Limp Bizkit's catalog. 

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