New Jam: Eighteen Visions "Oath"

Newly reunited and ready to release their first album in over 10 years, Eighteen Visions have dropped their first single and a new video for the song, "Oath".

"Oath" comes as a bit of a shocker as it's a hell of a lot heavier than I would have expected from Eighteen Visions. Gone is the poppier, more melodic version of the band that existed before their demise and instead we get an unrelenting chugfest. 

To my ears, "Oath" is reminiscent of the band's early much more hardcore sound and is loaded with the skronky dischord that early 00s metalcore was known for. While the rest of the album may not be as intense as this first single, it definitely has my interests peaked. 

"Oath" comes from Eighteen Visions' upcoming album, XVIII due out June 2nd on Rise Records

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