The anti-Fleury brigade calls Evgeny Kuznetsov's game-winning goal Saturday "soft" because it was shot from an abrupt angle.

But that goal started as a blocked shot that caromed right onto Kuznetsov's tape.

And while it came from a severe angle, it was a great finish.

When Sidney Crosby buries a shot like that - as he frequently does  - praise is heaped upon Crosby. Nobody blames the goalie.

So, perhaps Kuznetsov just executed a great shot Saturday.

If not for Marc-Andre Fleury, the Penguins would be eliminated. The Pens have been outshot and outplayed in every game.

Fleury has been the primary factor, and remains the primary hope.

Last year, Matt Murray stole the series against Washington.

This year, Fleury is in the process of doing the same. Let's hope he can finish the job.

On Saturday, Fleury just needed a break. Not only did Kuznetsov's goal bounce right onto his stick after a block, so did Washington's fourth goal (scored by Alex Ovechkin).

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