Sidney Crosby was a monster last night. No surprise. That’s who he is.

Crosby set up the game-winning goal in double overtime. No surprise. That’s what he does.

In many ways, this series was one of Sidney Crosby’s greatest triumphs. Ottawa did everything possible to hurt Crosby, but couldn’t. Ottawa did everything possible to rattle Crosby, but couldn’t. Game 6 was assault and battery so embarrassing that it appeared the Senators just couldn’t bring themselves to do it again in Game 7.

Through it all, Crosby kept going.

Crosby is like the Energizer bunny on meth, with a mean streak and the heart of an assassin. That all showed up in the second OT, and now Ottawa knows the pain of total non-stop deletion.

Crosby is one of the top five hockey players of all time. No. 4, to be exact. Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky and Crosby.

And Crosby isn’t done yet.

Consider what the Penguins have done over the past 10 years: Five conference finals. Four Stanley Cup Finals. Two Stanley Cups, and another yet to play for. It’s rarefied air. Every fan base in the league would kill to bear witness.

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