Is that a catfish in your compression shorts, or are you just glad to see me?

Some idiot from Nashville threw a catfish on the ice at PPG Paints Arena. That’s Nashville’s meager playoff tradition, finely honed through three series victories in 18 seasons prior to this year’s admittedly impressive run.

Detroit has octopi. Nashville has catfish. Yes, it’s more than just a little cornpone.

The dope got ejected, and that’s fine.

But he got charged with disorderly conduct, possessing instruments of crime, and disrupting a meeting. I assume he’s being questioned by police in a windowless room under a single bare light bulb at this moment.

It’s not a police state. Treating this moron like a legit criminal makes Pittsburgh look petty and vindictive. Three counts = a bit silly.

The police report says tossing the catfish on the ice caused "great annoyance and alarm." I must have missed the stampede to the exits. Were there any casualties?

How did this jerk get the catfish past PPG Paints Arena security? That's what causes me great annoyance and alarm. What else gets past PPG Paints Arena security?

This maniac bought the catfish in Tennessee, then vacuum-sealed it. He put the catfish in his compression shorts and removed it in the men’s room once he got inside PPG Paints Arena.

The catfish guy is a putz, but the police overreacted.

Just don’t let the catfish guy back in PPG Paints Arena unless the Predators decide to use him in goal in place of Pekka Rinne. Which might be an upgrade.

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