Know Your Openers: Revocation and Withered

Chances are if you're heading to Mr. Smalls tonight it's because you want to see Morbid Angel and/or Suffocation. But are you going to get there on time to see the openers? If not you're only hurting yourself. 

Providing support to the death metal legends are Revocation and Withered. Both bands had well received releases last year and both promise to melt your faces live.

These Bostonians may be the pinnacle of modern thrash. Borrowing heavily from the Gorguts playbook of dissonance, Revocation play a brand of technically proficient thrash that feels like an updated Megadeth. If Dave hadn't become a weirdo and Marty never left to play J-pop. 

This Atlanta quartet play a cathartic form of black metal that integrates both the syrupy slow weight of doom and the frantic energy of punk to produce music that feels emotional and huge. 

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