Paul McCartney Praises Billie Eilish, Speaks On The Quality Of Modern Music

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Paul McCartney shared some exciting revelations about his opinions on modern music and how he reacts to hearing the Beatles' songs on the radio all these years later. The music legend surprised ALT 98.7 hosts Booker and Stryker with a call as he traveled to play Inglewood's new SoFi Stadium for the first time on Friday, May 13.

The hosts didn't waste a second of their time talking with the 79-year-old rock star, asking McCartney if he's listened to or watched any modern musicians that remind him of himself. "I suppose the answer is no, but that's a boring answer," he said. The question led him to reveal he's a big fan of Billie Eilish. He went on to praise the 20-year-old star and her peers, "She's good, you know? You just get some people who come along and they're just good. There's a lot of people out there who are really good... And you get some people saying 'oh, today's music isn't as good as it used to be' and I say, 'Yeah it is!'"

He went on to express his respect for Jack White, Metallica, and The Killers. McCartney also discussed the song "Four Five Seconds," his collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye West. "I had to call them up and say, 'Am I on this record?'" he laughed. "I knew I was gonna work with Kanye and we were just gonna take a couple of days, see if anything came of it. And I must admit, at the end of a couple of days, I didn't think anything had come of it. So, I just stayed cool... and that arrived."

Throwing it back to the 1960s, McCartney recalled that the first venue the Beatles ever played in Los Angeles was the iconic Hollywood Bowl. The concert took place on August 23, 1964, and sold all 18,700 tickets in three hours. "There was like a little mini-lake in front of the stage and all these girls were jumping in and swimming across to us." McCartney is referring to a decorative reflecting pool the venue installed in 1953 and ultimately removed in 1972. When asked if he changes the station when a Beatles song unexpectedly comes on the radio McCartney surprisingly shared, "You know what, I just listen to it. For me, it's great memories. When I hear it, I'm remembering the session when we made it and who was singing. If it was John [Lennon] I can visualize him at the microphone... It's a memory jogger. It's just really nice."

Paul McCartney is in the midst of his North American Got Back Tour. The storied musician kicked off his tour on the West Coast and will conclude the 15-date run in New Jersey. These are the first live shows McCartney has performed since 2019.

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