Måneskin Replace Bass Player With Jimmy Fallon: Watch

Photo: NBC

Måneskin's bass player Victoria De Angelis couldn't join them for their Tonight Show performance last night (May 20) due to illness, so they did what any logical band would do — they replaced her with none other than Jimmy Fallon himself.

The late-night show host channeled his inner rock star by wearing a blonde wig, eyeliner, and a striking red jacket. “This is a true story,” he explained before the performance. “This morning, we found out that their bass player, Vic, couldn’t be here because she got sick. She’s fine, but they needed a bass player; so they asked me if I could play.”

“This is true, it happened this morning at like 11 o’clock,” he continued. “I’m like, ‘How do you play it? What is it? I don’t know.’ They showed it to me and I got it. [Plays bass chords] So I have that. I said, ‘I can do this. I can rock that and I can go loud. Let’s go for it! I’m gonna do this for Vic; I’m gonna do this for rock and roll.”

Måneskin took to Instagram after the performance to share hilarious photos of themselves with Fallon alongside a cardboard cutout of De Angelis. “The rumours say we gave Vic away in exchange for a life-size cardboard version of her," they wrote. “Bless you @jimmyfallon for simply being a natural and authentic stuntman 🌟SUPERMODEL wouldn’t be the same without your bass expertise (aaand the original Vic is recovering.”

Watch the performance and see the photos below.

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