Watch Krist Novoselic Cover Nirvana In Kurt Cobain's Hometown


Photo: AFP

Krist Novoselic played a special show in Kurt Cobain's hometown on Friday (June 21) and used the opportunity to cover Nirvana's first single "Love Buzz" (which happened to be a cover itself).

The former Nirvana bassist performed with his new group The Bona Fide Band, which also features Screaming Trees’ Mark Pickerel, as well as Jillian Raye, Jennifer Johnson and Kathy Moore, at the annual Make Music Day celebration in Aberdeen, Washington. "Love Buzz" was originally written and recorded by the Dutch band Shocking Blue in 1969. Nirvana famously recorded a cover of the song and released it as their first single on Sub Pop Records in 1988.

Watch fan-shot footage of The Bona Fide Band covering "Love Buzz" below.

Last year, Novoselic predicted what he thought the future of Nirvana would've been if Cobain hadn't died. “I don’t know. We recorded our last song together ‘You Know You’re Right’, and that was Nirvana,” he said. “It had our whole thing as a jam then a crescendo that builds to come back down with a big chorus. It’s a really hard one to answer. Dave [Grohl] went on to do Foo Fighters, he’s successful and carrying the torch. I’ve got another band called Third Secret with Matt [Cameron] and Kim [Thayil] from Soundgarden – we’re kind of like the grunge ABBA."

“If only Kurt would have hung in there, then we would have known," Novoselic lamented. "Just to have him in the world would make a huge difference, and that’s all that really matters. I miss the guy, so I can only dream.”

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