The Rex Theater is Closing After Over a Decade of Live Music

Due to the ongoing hardship and uncertain future caused by the Covid pandemic, The Rex Theater will be closing their doors after over a decade of live music and events. Here is their official statement:

I have so many great memories from this venue. This hits many of us in the music industry hard. The first time I saw my favorite band, Highly Suspect, was at this venue. I went on to see them like 2 more times here. I have so many other great memories from The Rex. I know this venue holds so many memories and milestones throughout many musicians, fans, promoters, and employees. The Rex will be DEEPLY missed. Go to and let your legislators know that we cannot see this occur anymore. Spread the word on social using the hashtag #SaveOurStages. Something needs to be done for our industry.

Photo by Brandy Richey