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10 TV Shows Canceled From COVID...So Far..

The COVID-19 Pandemic is hell. Complete and utter hell. So many industries have been affected from this, including the TV industry. Numerous shows have been canceled that were even originally scheduled to renew their seasons.

So far, here is the list:

Glow (Netflix) - after 3 seasons

On Becoming A God In Central Florida (Showtime) - after 1 season

The Society (Netflix) - after 1 season

I Am Not Okay With This (Netflix) - after 1 season

I’m Sorry (TruTV) - after 1 season

Stumptown (ABC) - after 1 season

E! News, Pop of the Morning, and In The Room (E!)

The President Is Missing (Showtime) - halted before production could take place

For more information on these titles, click here.

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