This Candle Has Every 2020 Smell

The 2020 Scent Candle by Flaming Crap nails all of the most memorable scents from throughout the year.

The first smell to burn is banana bread! Remember when everyone was testing out their skills and making bread/banana bread? Yum, smells so good.

The next layer goes to hand sanitizer...I'm very much over this smell, but I don't see it going away EVER...There are good ones and bad ones, and you know exactly what I mean.

The third and fourth layers are woody musks, and finally “budget aftershave and earthy essence." Do I smell Tiger King? Oh yes, Joe Exotic is represented here since that's what we all watched during March!

Here's a bonus with this candle, all materials used are vegan friendly, with kerasoy wax and recycled paper labels.

What "scent" would you add to your 2020 candle?

Thumbnail Via Getty Images

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