Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with North Allegheny School District

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I had so many great teachers growing up through North Allegheny: Mrs. Modrovich in 1st grade (that's 2004 everyone), Mr. Love in 9th grade, Mr. Soxman in 9th grade, Mr. Hoburg in 11th grade, and Mr. Mooney in 12th grade, I've had some pretty awesome influential teachers! Something that has stuck with me to this day is a very powerful thing Mr. Mooney would say to us every class: "You are who you are and that's a great thing".

I can't imagine going through what these teachers have had to over this pandemic, so be sure to thank your favorite teachers this week! And now that I am wayyy past my school days, I can now say that all of you teachers (well...most..hehe..) KICKED ASS!! THANK YOU!

You can check out the Thank You Board here and the NAI Teacher Tea Time Podcasts here.

Photo via Getty Images

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