Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Stage AE Outdoors!

10 years ago today Stage AE had their first outdoor show with Social D! Relive it with this review from Scott Mervis here!

My favorite outdoor show at Stage AE... oof that's a tough one. I had an awesome experience back in 2013 when I saw Fall Out Boy during a thunder and lightning storm. Super epic. Another one of my favorites is of course Highly Suspect back in 2017 for X Fest. Still, the funniest story is when I went out to the bar with them after the show and well... ask me about it sometime. Coheed and Cambria was another one that was so much fun in the pouring rain. Outdoor shows in the warm rain are just a splendid time, honestly. I'm so excited to get back to concerts! AH, SO EXCITED I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF!! I'm over 400 some days without a show and THIS IS NOT OK. Love you Stage AE, can't wait to celebrate together soon.